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Lyre’s Passionstar Martini

Entertaining is about sharing and celebrating beautiful moments together, and this delicious martini is perfect for the occasion. Glass: Cocktail coupette


Lyre’s Clover Club

Like many of the pre-prohibition stalwarts, the Clover Club was rediscovered and is rightfully considered a classic, with the combination of egg whites, raspberry syrup, and fresh raspberries making for a delightfully fruity treat. Glass: Cocktail coupette

Health and Wellness

Hangxiety and how to reduce it

Enjoying a night out with good friends and a few drinks can make for a fun evening… but the hangover the next morning? That’s not so fun. If you enjoy a few booze-filled drinks, you’re probably aware of the usual physical symptoms of a hangover, but you might be less aware of the psychological symptoms […]

4 months agoBy lyresspiritco

Lyre’s Blackberry Smash

The Lyre’s Blackberry Smash is one seriously good summer cocktail. This drink is a riff on a Julep, and it’s loaded with fresh blackberries, fragrant mint, and American Malt. This is a perfect way for whiskey lovers to loosen up after a long day. Bottoms up! Glass: Old fashioned