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Everything you need to know about Spritz

Everything you need to know about Spritz
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If you’ve ever perused glamorous coffee table books of idyllic Italian settings with fine food and enviable cocktails, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the large wine glasses of iced orange liquid that looks like sunshine in a cup. The name of that orange beverage is ‘Spritz’, and it’s decidedly wonderful. What is Spritz, you ask? Read on to find out the whole Spritz meaning and discover some of the world’s most delicious non-alcoholic Spritz recipes that ever existed.

What is Spritz?

The bubbly, incandescent Spritz is a revelation traditionally made with Prosecco, a bitter orange liqueur, and sparkling soda water served over ice and garnished with an orange slice. As a classic Italian aperitif, it’s the perfect cocktail for those glorious, lazy hours before dinner, when you’re settling in for the feast ahead and enjoying your well-deserved hours of downtime.

The Spritz is a drink from Northern Italy, with an origin that dates back to the 1800s when Venice was part of the Austrian Empire. During this time, it’s believed that Austrian soldiers would gather in taverns to enjoy the local wines of Veneto, which they diluted with water to lower their drink’s alcohol content (they were way ahead on the mindful drinking thinking). Ultimately, the idea of combining white wine with soda water became the whole Spritz meaning.

Traditionally, Prosecco is the wine of choice for a Spritz. This wine derives from the very birthplace of the Spritz, the Veneto region, and has a relatively low alcohol content of around 12%, making it an easy-to-drink option for pre-dinner drinks. Thankfully though, we can all enjoy a non-alcoholic Spritz that excludes the wine without affecting the flavour or essence of the Spritz. Try these non-alcoholic Spritz recipes to experience a non-alcoholic Spritz that looks, tastes, and sashays around the palate just like the original!

When should I drink Spritz?

The Spritz is typically served as an aperitif during the late afternoon—the time of day that’s too late for lemonade but too early for whiskey. It’s best served before a meal to stimulate the appetite and unwind at the end of the day and, as a result, is usually lighter on alcohol and more bitter than sweet. But really, I’d suggest enjoying a Spritz whenever you feel like it (particularly if you’re enjoying a non-alcoholic Spritz) because it’ll be exceptionally tasty whether or not you enjoy it with food.

What does it taste like?

The Spritz is unquestionably delicious, with a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Often called ‘summer in a glass’, the Spritz tastes like summertime in Italy and looks like a golden sunset on a sunny day. Each mouthful provides a citrusy, bubbly, refreshing flavour that pairs perfectly with any season and any meal.

While the flavour of the Spritz is charming as it is, it’s quite easy to adjust its taste to suit your needs. Whether you like your beverage with less alcohol or slightly sweeter, there’s a range of amazing non-alcoholic Spritz recipes and variations for a sweeter Spritz to suit different tastes.

Make it sweeter

The classic Italian Spritz bitterness can take some getting used to; make it sweeter by using a lower ratio of bitter orange spirit (or bitters) and more Prosecco (or wine substitute for your non-alcoholic Spritz).

Make it non-alcoholic

The average Spritz contains around 11% ABV (alcohol by volume). To reduce it further, use a larger ratio of soda water and less Aperol and Prosecco or use a larger ratio of soda water and less Aperol and Prosecco or use Lyre’s range of impossibly crafted Spritz mixers to create a phenomenal non-alcoholic Spritz that looks and tastes just like the original. Our non-alcoholic Spritz recipes are giggle-juice free so that you can enjoy Spritz after Spritz with fewer calories and no pesky hangover!

Best non-alcoholic Spritz recipes

Lyre’s Pink London Spritz

Simple and delicious, this spritz can take the dip with either tonic, soda water or lemonade for a sweeter finish. In this liquid kitchen it’s your time to shine. Top with a lemon wheel and berry of choice…Mwah, chef’s kiss!

You’ll need:Method:
  1. Build over ice in a Large Wine Glass.
  2. Give it a little stir.

Lyre’s Spritz #2

Have you seen the well-to-do, up-and-down Park Avenue with this delicious beverage in their mitts? Take Dry London Spirit, add Italian Orange, then drizzle with soda, and you too will be Puttin’ on the Spritz.

You’ll need:Method:
  1. Add ingredients into a large or stemless wine glass.
  2. Fill with fresh cubed ice.
  3. Garnish with an aromatic thyme sprig.

Lyre’s Winter Spritz

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this Spritz is so delightful. Since we’ve no place to go, let it pour, let it pour, let it pour.

You’ll need:Method:
  1. Add ingredients into a Highball glass.
  2. Fill with fresh ice.
  3. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and a rosemary sprig.

Bottle of Lyre's Aperitif Rosso and a bottle of Lyre's Italian Orange and a glass of Lyre's Winter Spritz cocktail

Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz

To begin, pour yourself a tall glass of this refreshing, slightly citrusy beverage. Now, lie in the sun, close your eyes and say ‘Positano… Salerno… Amore.’ Presto! You’re now an Italian Countess and sole heiress to your Grandfather’s silk empire.

You’ll need:Method:
  1. Add ingredients into a large or stemless wine glass.
  2. Fill with fresh, cubed ice.
  3. Garnish with an orange slice.


Lyre’s Italian Highball

This Italian Highball is an effervescence sensation, combining the bubbles of tonic and soda to elevate the Spritz to a whole new level.

You’ll need:Method:
  1. Build over ice in a Highball glass.
  2. Give it a little stir.
  3. Garnish with an orange slice or two.
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