Dry January


Enjoyed Dry January® and looking to carry on the sober season in style? Make it a Lyre's and have your drink, your way, any day!

Our range of 15 premium non-alcoholic spirits, sparkling wine and range of ready-to-drink cocktails are low in sugar, low calorie, vegan friendly and alcohol free, so you can sip all your favourite tipples in style at home or out and about every day of the week if you so fancy.

Cin Cin!


Because your drink is dry doesn't mean you can't have fun. Simply make it a Lyre's!

Lyre's Hugo Spritz

From high in the alps of the Dolomites this North Italian Spritzer is a light and refreshing aperitivo! This cocktail is sure to please with its effervescent bubbles and subtle sweetness.

Lyre's Pink London Spritz

Spritz is a vibe. Simple and delicious, this spritz can take the dip with either tonic, soda water or lemonade for a sweeter finish. In this liquid kitchen it's your time to shine. Top with a lemon wheel and berry of choice…Mwah, chef's kiss!

Lyre's Spritz #2 Pitcher

Have you seen the well to do, up and down Park Avenue with this beverage in their mitts? Take Dry London Spirit, add Italian Orange then drizzle with soda, and you too will be Puttin' on the Spritz. But, it's even better because it's in a pitcher.

Lyre's Lombardia Rossa

Sure to help you feign a glorious summer getaway at Lake Como, this cocktail heralds from the foothills of the exquisite Lombardy region in Northern Italy. Who needs Milan with this cocktail in hand?

Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Amaretto | Lyre's

Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Amaretto | Lyre's

Lyre's Passionstar Martini

Entertaining is about sharing and celebrating beautiful moments together, and this delicious martini is perfect for the occasion.

Lyre's Cosmopolitan

This legendary cocktail has a complex past. Did it originate in Miami or NYC, not sure, probably a bit of both, but what we do know this Cran-tini styled drink is here to stay and is still one of the most popular cocktails going around today. Pink in hue, the Lyre's version uses White Cane and Orange Sec to compliment citrus and cranberry.

Lyre's Salted Caramel
Espresso Martini

A life at sea hardens the senses. Your vision is wavier, noises are swishier, and every meal underscored by the subtle sapidity of sea salt. As far as I'm concerned, I'm all the better for it, nothing says sophistication like a decadent caffeinated martini with that faithful salty kick. Ahoy!


With 15 non-alcoholic spirits, a light and bubbly non-alcoholic sparkling wine and a range of ready-to-drink cocktails, you can have all your favourite cocktails, minus the gigglejuice.

Classico Grande

Dry London Gin Non-Alcoholic Spirit

American Malt Bourbon Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Italian Orange Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Aperitivo style| Lyre's

Italian Spritz Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Spritz | Lyre's

Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Amaretto | Lyre's

White Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit - White Rum | Lyre's

Italian Orange Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Aperitivo style| Lyre's

Lyre's Pink London Front bottle

Dark Cane Spirit Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Dark Rum | Lyre's

Aperetif Rosso Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Sweet Vermouth | Lyre's

Agave Blanco Non-Alcoholic Spirit | Lyre's

Agave Blanco Non-Alcoholic Spirit | Lyre's

Absinthe Non-Alcoholic Spirit | Lyre's

Spiced Cane Spirit Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Spiced Rum | Lyre's

Aperitif Dry Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Dry Vermouth | Lyre's

Classico Grande Case of 6


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